5 things you should know about chinchillas


Rodents often make great pets for those who want a loving soul in their house but don’t have enough time to look after them. Most rodents are very sociable and easily get attached to their owners while they don’t need their constant pampering or daily walks.

However, make sure you always keep your pets in a welcoming and safe environment and look after their needs. Also keep in mind that most rodents are nocturnal animals meaning they will mainly be active during the night, which could be a problem if you plan on keeping them as pets for your children.

Out of all the rodents, chinchillas are probably the most pretentious animals. However, they are very sociable and will grow fond of their owners eventually. Here are some of the most interesting facts you need to know about chinchillas.


  1. Chinchillas are the furriest animals. Their fur can have up to 50 different hairs growing from one follicle which means that about one square centimeter of chinchilla fur can contain around 20,000 hairs. Their coat is also very shiny so you need to pay close attention to grooming it.

You should purchase specific grooming brushes and provide a nutritious and balanced diet if you want to maintain the healthy look of your chinchilla’s coat. Always feed your pet organic and fresh fruits and veggies which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants.

  1. Parasites will have a hard time surviving in the fur of a chinchilla due to its great density. All of them will eventually die of suffocation, which means your chinchilla is a resistant animal which, hopefully, won’t require too many visits to the vet.


  1. Due to their coat thickness, chinchillas can easily overheat. They are originally from the Andes mountains in South America and used to be found in various parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru.

Because their mountainous origins, chinchillas are extremely sensitive to heat and humidity. They prefer cool and dry places and live best at temperatures between 59 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also sensitive to bright light and direct heat so never place your pet’s cage under direct sunlight or in easily heated rooms and environments.


  1. Chinchillas are social creatures. They live in groups of about 100 individuals and they suffer terribly if they live alone. This is why you should consider adopting a fellow partner for your chinchilla if you want it to live a long and happy life. However, make sure that individuals of opposite sex live apart in the first eight weeks of life.


  1. They are compassionate animals. Chinchilla females are one of the few animals that can adopt and feed other babies if their own mother doesn’t have milk or rejects them at birth. Moreover, contrary to most rodent species, male chinchillas do not harm or kill their babies, which makes them great babysitters.

What’s the perfect pet for your kids?


If you want to teach a child what it means to be responsible, how to be empathic and teach him or her the joy of taking care of others, then getting a pet would be the best choice. But what is the right pet for your children? I will elaborate the answers to that question below because things are more complex than they sound.

When choosing a pet that will become instantly part of the family, you have to think about its personality and how it will match the one of your kid. If you have extroverted children, who love to play and to run around, maybe go for an active pet, that can keep up with your family’s lifestyle.


One of the best animals in this category is the ubiquitous dog. Dogs are sweet and loyal, and they will make sure you all get a good workout when you take them for a walk. Dogs are known for reducing the anxiety levels in children, so you know you are making a good investment. And since they have to be taken out regularly, it means your family will learn the valuable lesson and the responsibility of a tight schedule.

If your child is an introvert, maybe go for a more static animal – one that just likes to be lazy and to stay put all the time. These pets can be amazing studying partners because they don’t distract you and since they don’t beg for attention. They just like to wait patiently for a belly rub and some nice treats.

And what pet is all of that, you might ask? Well, one of the best choice you can make right now is to go for a gerbil. They have become trendy because they are exotic, interesting to watch, and because they are low maintenance. They are perfect for a proactive child, that has many extracurricular activities since they don’t have to invest all of their free time in the pet, as gerbils like to be watched from a distance.

If you want a pet that is both active sometimes but quiet most of the times, then you can’t go wrong with a cat. They are a combination of those elements I mentioned, and they too reduce the stress levels in children with their adorable purr. They can be so funny that you will laugh every single day, but alternatively, they can’t be bothered most of the time and they want to be left alone.

But when you strip all the reasons and the limitations away, you realize that the pet you should go for is the one that speaks the most to your heart. You can adapt to their personality with a bit of hard work, so what’s important is that you and your family love the pet and that you take good care of it.


Are hedgehog rodents? And other interesting facts!


Ever since I’ve discovered how extremely well behaved creatures hedgehogs are, I started to make some changes in the way I see having a pet. Not all of them require long walks or special diets. It’s important to learn the key features about them and the rest is just pure bliss because you have a friend that will never argue with you.

The most common mistake everyone does is to think that hedgehogs are rodents. Completely wrong because even though they look similar to hamsters or Guinea pigs, they are actually insectivores. Furthermore, they don’t emanate a special odor and can be easily litter trained. Compared to rodents, they live much longer. Basically, with proper care, hedgies can live up to 7 years old.



One major positive aspect related to these little animals is the fact that they don’t need any immunization shots. If you want to keep them as pets, just make sure you have some spare time after you come from work to take care of them. They are nocturnal creatures that get up from their naps only after dark.

Hedgehogs have soft fur on their bellies and faces while their back is covered entirely with spikes or quills. If they are relaxed, the spikes lie flat just like hair. On the contrary, then they feel in danger or a threatening situation, they tense the intricate muscles on their backs and cause the quills to rise up until they become extremely sharp.

Just like dogs, hedgehogs shed their fur and their spikes but they will not come out naturally if they happen to get pricked.


You need to understand that hedgehogs aren’t famous for their social skills. You won’t see them in groups because they like to explore the unknown and forage for food without any help. However, domesticated ones can be put together as long as they are both females. It’s better not to house two males because they tend to get into a quarrel unless they were raised together from a very young age.

If you’re interested in getting a hedgehog for a pet, you should know that they are excellent choices for single people of families that don’t afford an animal that is high-maintenance.



Since most of these creatures provide a ton of entertainment thanks to their curiosity to learn and explore their surroundings, you’ll have a blast watching them. Besides, once they get used to their owner, they get more interactive and a tad more playful. You can purchase some small toys for cats or running wheels and they’ll be more than glad about their environment.

In addition, they don’t need special treatment because they need to be kept indoors at normal room temperature. As far as feeding them, you’ll find plenty of hedgehog food available in specialized stores.

If you’re not into dogs, you’ll love a hedgehog because it doesn’t bark, climb curtains or chew your shoes.


Do hedgehogs make good pets?


If you’re curious to know if hedgehogs make good pets, you should start with a few basics facts related to this wonderful animal. Hedgehogs are mammals that have been on this Earth for millions of years and their natural habitat is usually located in Africa or southern Europe.

Although they are insectivores, they won’t turn down a variety of different animals or plants, if the situation occurs. Since they are known to be nocturnal, they spend most of their day sleeping and only get active at dusk.


The trademark of these little fellows is his quills. The reason why hedgehogs have them is to protect themselves and they do so by curling up into a lovely ball that has these sharp hollow hairs located on the exterior.

Moreover, the quills are specially colored with a white and brown tips so they can be used for camouflage. However, you’ll find hedgehogs that have brown, cream, gray, or even albino quills.

Most people wonder whether these cute animals can make great pets, just like dogs, cats, or hamsters. The most common type of hedgehog sold as a pet is the African pygmy hedgehog. Even though you can take it and consider it as your pet, keep in mind that hedgehogs are solitary animals that like to live alone.

The African pygmy type can grow up to 9 inches long and has a lifespan of 4 to 6 years. Some pets can even go on and live up to 10 years.

One aspect you must consider is that a hedgehog is an active animal that needs a large cage in order to be healthy. Therefore, try to get a hedgehog house that comes in an adequate size. You’ll find plenty good options for affordable prices. Besides this, don’t forget that hedgehogs need to spend lots of time outside their cage, exploring the environment.

Because they like to spend the most part of their activity at night, they make great pets for people that spend their time at home in the evenings or those that don’t go to sleep so early. If you have small children or toddlers, you might want to consider another option for a pet.



Kids are curious and like to express their feelings of affection towards their pet. So when they get overzealous, hedgehogs might get scared and extend the quills for protection. This can lead to serious injuries caused by this pet to one of your family members.

In terms of diet, they eat mostly insects but also vegetables. Their diet should have high-quality proteins. Try not to give them too much fat and if you decide to feed them with dog kibble, make sure they are small so that the hedgehog can chew them without too much effort.