Are hedgehog rodents? And other interesting facts!


Ever since I’ve discovered how extremely well behaved creatures hedgehogs are, I started to make some changes in the way I see having a pet. Not all of them require long walks or special diets. It’s important to learn the key features about them and the rest is just pure bliss because you have a friend that will never argue with you.

The most common mistake everyone does is to think that hedgehogs are rodents. Completely wrong because even though they look similar to hamsters or Guinea pigs, they are actually insectivores. Furthermore, they don’t emanate a special odor and can be easily litter trained. Compared to rodents, they live much longer. Basically, with proper care, hedgies can live up to 7 years old.



One major positive aspect related to these little animals is the fact that they don’t need any immunization shots. If you want to keep them as pets, just make sure you have some spare time after you come from work to take care of them. They are nocturnal creatures that get up from their naps only after dark.

Hedgehogs have soft fur on their bellies and faces while their back is covered entirely with spikes or quills. If they are relaxed, the spikes lie flat just like hair. On the contrary, then they feel in danger or a threatening situation, they tense the intricate muscles on their backs and cause the quills to rise up until they become extremely sharp.

Just like dogs, hedgehogs shed their fur and their spikes but they will not come out naturally if they happen to get pricked.


You need to understand that hedgehogs aren’t famous for their social skills. You won’t see them in groups because they like to explore the unknown and forage for food without any help. However, domesticated ones can be put together as long as they are both females. It’s better not to house two males because they tend to get into a quarrel unless they were raised together from a very young age.

If you’re interested in getting a hedgehog for a pet, you should know that they are excellent choices for single people of families that don’t afford an animal that is high-maintenance.



Since most of these creatures provide a ton of entertainment thanks to their curiosity to learn and explore their surroundings, you’ll have a blast watching them. Besides, once they get used to their owner, they get more interactive and a tad more playful. You can purchase some small toys for cats or running wheels and they’ll be more than glad about their environment.

In addition, they don’t need special treatment because they need to be kept indoors at normal room temperature. As far as feeding them, you’ll find plenty of hedgehog food available in specialized stores.

If you’re not into dogs, you’ll love a hedgehog because it doesn’t bark, climb curtains or chew your shoes.