What’s the perfect pet for your kids?


If you want to teach a child what it means to be responsible, how to be empathic and teach him or her the joy of taking care of others, then getting a pet would be the best choice. But what is the right pet for your children? I will elaborate the answers to that question below because things are more complex than they sound.

When choosing a pet that will become instantly part of the family, you have to think about its personality and how it will match the one of your kid. If you have extroverted children, who love to play and to run around, maybe go for an active pet, that can keep up with your family’s lifestyle.


One of the best animals in this category is the ubiquitous dog. Dogs are sweet and loyal, and they will make sure you all get a good workout when you take them for a walk. Dogs are known for reducing the anxiety levels in children, so you know you are making a good investment. And since they have to be taken out regularly, it means your family will learn the valuable lesson and the responsibility of a tight schedule.

If your child is an introvert, maybe go for a more static animal – one that just likes to be lazy and to stay put all the time. These pets can be amazing studying partners because they don’t distract you and since they don’t beg for attention. They just like to wait patiently for a belly rub and some nice treats.

And what pet is all of that, you might ask? Well, one of the best choice you can make right now is to go for a gerbil. They have become trendy because they are exotic, interesting to watch, and because they are low maintenance. They are perfect for a proactive child, that has many extracurricular activities since they don’t have to invest all of their free time in the pet, as gerbils like to be watched from a distance.

If you want a pet that is both active sometimes but quiet most of the times, then you can’t go wrong with a cat. They are a combination of those elements I mentioned, and they too reduce the stress levels in children with their adorable purr. They can be so funny that you will laugh every single day, but alternatively, they can’t be bothered most of the time and they want to be left alone.

But when you strip all the reasons and the limitations away, you realize that the pet you should go for is the one that speaks the most to your heart. You can adapt to their personality with a bit of hard work, so what’s important is that you and your family love the pet and that you take good care of it.